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on Nov 08, 2014 in Travel

My Perfect Last Day in Paris

My perfect last day in Paris. After squaring up some emails and work projects in the morning, I used Le Cab (mobile app) to secure a ride to the Espace Dali (museum). This is a very steep part of Paris. I’ve walked a ton while here, but didn’t want to risk it on my ankle for my last day.

The driver was the nicest guy ever. He is from Paris but lived in the states for 12 years. He lived in Miami, Washington DC and upstate NY. During his time he ran a successful business, but eventually he outgrew it and it was time for something new. That something new led him back to Paris, full of experience and ready for whatever happens next, but all the more wiser, keen on letting things unfold in due time instead of rushing ahead.

We could’ve talked FOREVER about life and experiences, outdoor activities, and business lessons… But alas, my stop came very quickly, and we parted ways without even as much as a name exchange. Still, the conversation itself, so lively and free, gave me so much hope and excitement for what is yet to come

Espace Dali is now another new favorite destination of mine, filled with not just selected works of Salvador Dali, with all his surrealness, with an influence of religion, animals, bodies and the concept of time, but it also housed the works of artists influenced by his style. AMAZING. I walked through the gallery twice because sometimes when you approach a piece from an opposing angle, things start to look different.

Elated, I continued further up, and stumbled upon Montmartre, a lively block of restaurants, shops, and artists set up selling their work. The paintings were so lively and full of bold colors, capturing the energy and essence of Paris scenes. Thank goodness I’m low on euro today and wasn’t near an ATM, for surely I would’ve purchased several pieces, with no where to put them at home. It was a treat for me just to be there, taking it all in.

And now I write this from Parc Monceau, a public park situated in the 8th arrondissement. Old ruins, statues and plants everywhere, bordered by walkways and green benches. The leaves are just starting to turn, and the autumn air is crisp. Dogs are being walked, kids are riding scooters, and I don’t feel guilty for enjoying this vanilla macaroon while watching the runners go by

Soon I will be dining and having drinks with a couple locals. We were connected by one of the travel buddies I made in the US last year. It will be my last meal, for now, in the city of lights.

Ahh, I should get on with it then. Time to find my way back to the metro….

Jul 12, 2013

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