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on Dec 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Illustrator Spotlight: Charles Bloom

In our recent internet search we came across the stylings of illustrator Charles Bloom. We like the style of Charles Bloom because it’s fu, very detailed and colorful. His illustrations are sure to catch your attention, even from a distance, and make you want to come in closer to learn more. His style is very clean but also very intriguing. Visit his website for more examples of his work.

In Bloom’s own words:

I’m Charles. I’ve been known to illustrate and design things. I work in Boulder. In other words: [I am into] old board games, ornament, alliteration, mechanical pencils, faux foxes, bad posture, Hanover knots, anglophillia, coifs, libraries, bookstores, anything abecedarian, pepperoni pizza, bow ties, Golden books, the Golden Age, etc…

Here are some additional examples of his work (from his website) to entice you!

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