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on Jan 14, 2020 in Travel

Hello from Barcelona. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

CEO Jessica Watson is working remotely from Barcelona, where she celebrated the new year. These are her words:

To surrender to the streets of Barcelona is to surrender to a beautiful chaos of sights and sounds. Barcelona is your one friend who grabs your hand and lures you to the center, refusing to let you sit on the sidelines. Your plans be damned.

Barcelona is to see the magic in finding your way through a maze where any turn will do. To discover art and color and music and food and light, all while meandering through pedestrian alleyways not fit for a car and stepping intuitively to the right so the motorbikes can get through.

The concrete bricks are as old as time and they hold onto the cold like a security blanket; you must zip up your coat to avoid the chill. You cannot tell where one building ends and another begins, and maybe that’s on purpose too, we are all in this together whether or not we know each other by a familiar smile or the fluttering of a flag hanging from a balcony.

I‘ve got that starry look in my eyes but really I just followed the music to a street festival with larger than life costumes and dancing, then I turned into an art gallery where these thick layers of paint created the most lively scenes, only to end at a little corner cafe, where I could sip a small coffee (and the coffees are really small in Europe) and write to you.

There is something to carving a new path. I think it is the love of discovery, of placing my feet where they have not been before, that makes me feel most alive. Onward!

You can follow the journey in scenic photos. There will be more updates to come.

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