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What We’re Up To: Footprints at 50

Despite the snow that has covered the east coast we’ve been plenty busy here at JWatson Creative. We have a couple BIG projects we’ve been working on steadily. One smaller job we were able to complete is a front and back brochure for our client Footprints at 50.

Who is Footprints at 50?
Footprints at 50 is the business of Christina Watson (just a coincidence on the last name, we promise), Fifties Life Coach. Many people reach this milestone, 50 years old, and wonder “What’s it all about,” and “Is this all there is?” Whether you’ve been taking care of others, educating yourself, or working in a career these last 30 years, you want your life to make a difference. Now is the time most of us ask, “What is my footprint going to be?” If the answer to this question is not readily clear to you, Christina’s program can help.

What They Needed:
We’ve been working with Footprints at 50 for a couple months now, to design and coordinate the look of their online presence. It is very important to us to help our clients maintain brand integrity and be consistent across both their print and web promotional campaigns. More recently, Christina has been making public appearances to promote her business. She wanted something that she could hand out to those who were interested in her services. After a brief consultation we decided to go with a vertical front back one page brochure (measures about 1/2 of a regular sheet of paper, folded in half long ways).

What We Created:
Christina had a lot of text that she wanted on the brochure. We still wanted to make sure to get a picture of her on the front for that personal touch! Then, on the back, we knew the testimonials would be text heavy too. So, we used simple graphic elements to separate them (notice the color boxes?). Then, to entice the receiver to read the testimonials, we took pull quotes from each testimonial and made those words larger to draw you in. If you check out their web presence (see the links below) you’ll discover that this brochure nicely compliments the personality of their business.

How Can You Find Out More About Footprints at 50?
Well that’s really easy! Here’s their info:
Website | http://www.footprintsat50.com
Twitter | http://www.twitter.com/footprintsat50
Facebook | http://www.facebook.com/pages/Footprints-at-Fifty/153992022431
Blog | http://footprintsat50.wordpress.com/

Need a brochure design or any other printed materials to promote your business? Feel free to use our contact form and get in touch for a free consultation. Check out our full website here. Remember, if you can dream it, we can build it.

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