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on Feb 08, 2017 in News

Feb 15th at The Elephant – Mt Vernon

Join us on February 15th at The Elephant (Mt Vernon) from 6-8PM for an opportunity to mix and mingle with good people while rocking out one of the coolest give back projects in Baltimore.

THE ELEPHANT – 924 N Charles St, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

We’ve ordered a bulk supply of blank coffee sleeves. We’ll be tasked with writing positive quotes, uplifting messages, light humored jokes and well wishes on the sleeves. We’re donating them to locally owned Kobe Cafe (Federal Hill). They will use those sleeves until they are gone, distributing them with coffee orders to their patrons throughout the week. How awesome will it be for someone to go to their favorite coffee shop, place their usual order, look down and see a sunny message from you?

What a way to make someone’s day, and to let someone in our community know they are thought of.

1. Yourself, and your appetite for food and cocktails because The Elephant’s menu is AMAZING.

2. We’ll have some markers on hand for you to use. If you want to bring your own or donate some supplies to the lot, that would be wonderful.

We’ll be in the upstairs lounge. Ask the hostess at the door and she’ll lead you to our event.

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