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on Mar 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Design That Works: Julian Restaurant

Fabulous packaging and design identity by Jordan Gray Creative for Julian Restaurant.

Why This Design Works:
This is our expert analysis for this design.

  • We love that the “I” in JULIAN is really a balancing act by a spoon. It’s fun, playful and different. Not to mention the simple style of the design elements (spoon, bowl, plate/saucer) can easily be carried out into additional elements for the brand (see the picture above with the take out bag featuring kitchen utensils, and see the second to last image below featuring the wine bottle). The designs are simple but effective, making it extremely easy to come up with additional elements along the line to compliment the brand.
  • A very simple font has been incorporated into their identity. This works because you can then use that font repetitively throughout other printed and web materials to maintain a level of consistency. Not to mention you can still jazz things up a bit while operating within the font by adding color and variation of text size to enhance various elements of text.
  • The swirls from that cup in the logo can easily become a design element for other pieces. As you can see in the last picture below, they suddenly become a design element as they are debossed and running up the side of the business card. All of the elements and the color scheme go very well together.

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