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on Jun 21, 2018 in News

Client Spotlight: Esther Collinetti

“Maybe you think you are not good enough,” says Esther. “I help people stop sweating whether they’re good enough and instead, take them on the journey to prove that they’re more than enough so they can quit worrying and start getting what they really want.”

Esther is a coach and motivational speaker with a strong focus on getting her clients out of their own way so that they can feel like they are enough and go after the life they want. Her own personal story is one of both triumphs and loss, and the rediscovery of self. Esther is also the co-owner of REV Cycle Studio, Baltimore’s first spin studio, now with two locations (Locust Point and Brewers Hill). When you meet Esther, you automatically are drawn into her energy and the way that she views the world. She is unapologetically herself, and we LOVE that about her.

“Esther is a powerful force of authenticity and good vibes all in one,” says our CEO, Jess Watson. “So when we worked on her brand and her story, we knew that her being able to take her audience through her journey was important.” The “You. Unleashed.” tagline really hits home because it is about being your best self, loving yourself as you are, being true, being authentic, acceptance, falling and rising, just being. Through her coaching sessions and her classes she encourages people every day to step out of their boxes and comfort zones, to reimagine who they would be before the world told them who to be, and to start taking action towards the life that they want.

For her brand we chose to keep it simple and powerful. We wanted real life photos where her personality came through. We wanted the combination of strong photography, the right words, and a solid brand to come together and tell her story. We are pleased to showcase the Esther Collinetti brand.


Esther offers both group and individual goal coaching sessions. Visit her website to learn more about her offerings and to sign up.



Fitness Adventure Retreat in Iceland

September 26 – 30th

Come live and unplug for 5-days with Dani Yaruso and Esther Collinetti in vibrant Iceland.   Ignite your spark in life.  Be born again.  You were born with a gift, a purpose, and our Fitness Adventure Retreat will empower you to find your true north.  A self-discovery journey that starts with you as you explore Iceland’s waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, all while connecting with your new tribe. Learn more here.

Visit Esther’s website and follow her on Facebook.

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