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on Jun 14, 2020 in News

Client Spotlight: Chhaya CDC

Chhaya Community Development Corporation (Chhaya CDC) builds the power, housing stability, and economic well-being of South Asian and Indo-Caribbean communities in New York City. However, over time, their website was not easy to use for updating with resources and support opportunities for the communities they serve. Points North worked together with members of their team to understand the kind of information they needed to feature on their website. From here we created a goal-oriented sitemap, identifying a strong information architecture and user experience along the way.

Chhaya CDC has both dynamic photography and stunning brand colors, which made this project exciting to work on. We developed a fully responsive website on a WordPress platform, and trained their team members on how to update and create new content, all while staying within the style guide for the website.

More About Chhaya CDC

Chhaya was founded to address the housing and economic needs for low-income South Asian and Indo-Caribbean New Yorkers.
Our approach begins with providing direct services that meet critical needs within our community, while providing the tools and opportunities that allow individuals to shape their own futures and be resilient in the face of challenges.

Core to our strategy is organizing and advocating for systemic changes that remove the barriers to well-being, housing stability, and economic mobility for our communities. For over 20 years, Chhaya has served tens of thousands of individuals and led the charge on key policy issues for immigrants, such as basement legalization, language access, tenants rights, and more.

View full portfolio project here.

Check out the work they do here: https://chhayacdc.org/

All photography courtesy of Chhaya CDC.


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