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on Jan 18, 2022 in News

Client Spotlight: A New Brand and Website for Finery

Beautiful tools for a Finer life.

Finery is a collection of refined hardware solutions, celebrating the intersection of form and function. With style simplicity and finish subtlety, each piece is inspired by the needs of their clients, and developed in conjunction with local artisans in Austin, Texas.

A new brand and website is a fine way to start off the new year. Between 2021 and 2022, we had the pleasure of working with the team at Finery to create their new brand and website. Finery was created by Laura Burton, of Laura Burton Interiors, a commercial and residential interior design studio based in Austin TX. Through years of managing remodels and new construction, Laura discovered that she has a vision for potential. While working with clients, she was frequently designing custom pieces to meet specific requirements. This journey prompted a desire to offer solutions to a broader market. Through Finery products, Laura addresses functional needs with artistry, craftsmanship, and design intentionality. Laura has a degree in architecture and years of experience serving as an interior architect, designer, and project manager for clients nationwide.

Below you’ll find additional details about our creative process for this project. You can also check out the full write-up in our portfolio.

What was the creative process like for this brand?

In our early interviews with Finery we realized that this brand was going to have a more refined appeal. It wasn’t going to have bold colors or loud patterns. We took careful attention to understanding who Finery was and what audience they were resonating with. Finery is more of a classic look. It’s not a stuffy brand. It’s minimalist, but with details that are thoughtfully made. Furthermore, it stems from the world of organic and earth, but not in a way that is over the top (more in a way that is calm and harmonious). This led us to seek out colors and images that were related to luxury comfort, classic style, and wide-open spaces.

Something else we noticed in our early conversations was that luxury is a subjective term. When we think of luxury, we think of West Elm. But for Finery, what’s luxury is the brands you see featured in Arteriors. “We had a lot of laughs around how I saved up for a West Elm sofa thinking I had made it, when clients seeking Finery products may not even bat an eyelash at West Elm,” says Jess Watson, CEO of Points North. So we did our homework, and it was gorgeous homework indeed. Who wouldn’t want to go down a fun rabbit hole of stunning luxury interior design fixtures and staged photography? Sign us up, Alice.

What is Finery’s brand personality?

If you were to walk into a crowded bar, Finery wouldn’t even be in the room. Grab your drink and move past the crowd towards the stairwell in the back. Walk up the stairs to the secret patio that no one knows about. It’s quieter up there, you can hear yourself think and also appreciate the breeze. Take in your surroundings, and there you’ll see Finery. Finery is gazing out at the view and sipping an old fashion, completely content to just be. Finery’s brand personality is simplistic, timeless, refined, and intentional. It’s authentic.


How was the logo created?

We asked Finery to send us a sample product, so we could get a sense of what they were creating. Their pieces are minimalist, and beautifully. We were most surprised by the weight of these fixtures. The craftsmanship of these pieces is exquisite. In viewing the shape from different angles, early sketches of what is now the final logo began to form. Throughout the project, we joked that we wouldn’t be returning the samples (because hello, they would pair nicely with my nightstand). But, now that we’ve reached completion, we’re dropping them back in the mail.


Full the full write-up and see additional mock-ups in our portfolio.

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