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on Mar 30, 2014 in News

Celebrating 4 Creative Years

About 4.5 years ago I was bored with where I was in life and looking for more. I knew that I enjoyed design and the ability to use creativity as a medium to help others achieve their goals. But I felt strangely disconnected from what I envisioned my design life would be. I’ve never been one to make rash decisions, in fact even what you see with your own eyes, although seemingly unexpected, was either calculated or at least thought about profoundly. So I developed the dream team, 5 people that I could talk about my vision of starting a business with, who I knew would tell it to me straight (and also let me know if I was crazy).

And then on April 1, 2010, I left my full time job and started JWatson Creative. Well it turns out I am crazy, but in the best possible way. I look at obstacles and I see opportunities, I’m more willing to take risks when there’s room to do so, and many of the amazing people I know and work with today are a result or spin off of my decision to start something new. You never really know what will happen when you step out into the great unknown, outside of your comfort zone, and yet we keep seeing quotes and graphics that tell us to do so.

What has kept this company going for 4 years (with many more to come), has been a commitment to excellence, a strong team on the backend, and a sense of integrity and purpose. We aim to do what’s right, by ourselves, our vendors, and our clients. And we have no problem putting our name behind that.

I want to personally thank, everyone who has believed in me and stood behind the vision of what this company could be. I want to also thank all our of clients and stakeholders in the future of our business. We thrive, because you help to make it so. Thank you.

Here’s a brief history in time, showcasing where we’ve been, and laying a foundation for the bright future ahead.


A Brief Look at Our History:


Jessica leaves corporate life for the dream of JWatson Creative

Jessica starts to manage B’More Creatives

Jessica starts to volunteer with Tyanna Foundation

Jessica heads up A Day in the Life Baltimore Design Conference



JWatson Creative celebrates 1 year (yay! we survived!)

Year 2 of A Day in the Life Baltimore Design Conference

Jessica becomes a cofounder of Sizeable Spaces Coworking Office

Jessica received Spirited Woman Rising of Baltimore Award

A nice feature on Fox 45 Morning News for Spirited Woman Rising Award



JWatson Creative celebrates 2 years (oh snap!)

The  Baltimore Business Journal tells the story of how we got started

Jessica is on the Women in Leadership Panel at McDaniel College

Jessica works on planning committee for 2012 Spirited Woman Awards

Jessica featured as brand expert on MyCity4Her Media Blog Talk Radio



JWatson Creative celebrates 3 years (it just keeps getting better!)

Jessica works remotely in 10 US Cities, for a month at a time

Baltimore Sun names Jessica one of 10 To Follow Under 30

Jessica featured in News@McDaniel as an alumna to watch

Baltimore Magazine names Jessica as one of the city’s 40 Under 40



We’re excited to celebrate 4 years (WHOO HOOO!)

We’ve been working with our core team for almost 2 years.

We created A Global Campaign for Kindness, as featured in The Baltimore Sun

Jessica rocks the stage at Ignite Baltimore

….and just you wait and see what we have on the horizon 🙂

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