Points North
on Oct 23, 2014 in Travel

All Time is Precious

No matter the location, it is when I’m working remotely and traveling that I realize how hard I work and how many hours I put in. I love what I do so much that time flies, but when I’m in another location worthy of my attention and exploration, I want nothing more than for the minutes and hours to stand still.

When I settle into a new place to live for a while, I don’t have my routine or the things I’m familiar with. I usually do have some version of my normal workload, which isn’t necessarily heavy to me in my everyday life, yet somehow doesn’t add up with the new world around me. Each hour is a trade off; I do my best to make those hours count so I can then give my love to the other facets of my being.

Can I apply these same principles when home that beckon my door when away? The desire to not just do meaningful work but also to live, to savor, and enjoy…

We all have a different set of things that matter to us, but I’ll bet deep at the core you have people, relationships, and experiences somewhere on your list. I bet somewhere you’ll be awestruck by a starry night, mystified by a kiss, made anew by innocence, rendered speechless by a song, or find compassion in a striking conversation with a friend.

Truth be told, by removing some of the patterns and routines you’ve fallen into, you’ll find the simplest things all inspiring, and the beauty of this world, those little details you tend to often pass or miss, will be revealed. This is the reason to enjoy each day of your life.

When was the last time you asked yourself what’s important to you? Are you making time, or are you riding the waves without asking where they go? This question surfaces every time I travel.

Putting myself in check, calling myself to attention, lightly tapping my own shoulder and shifting my point of view…. this is when I feel most alive. This is where I grow.

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