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5 Tips to See Positive Change Now

on Apr 09, 2013 in Business

A common question that I get a lot from people who I connect with is how they can make some positive changes in their lives. Little changes always lead to bigger things so every step counts. To prevent myself from sounding like a broken record, I’ve listed the 5 simple, most common things you can do in your life TODAY to start to see the changes you’ve been waiting for. Take them all or take one or two, but I challenge you to start being intentional with your life, and then seeing what happens from there.



How can you think in a crowded space? You can’t! There’s no space for energy to flow in and out of your life. And so it gets caught, in between stacks of papers or piles of who knows what or things you plan on going through later. That time is now. Spring is upon us, so spring clean your life! Sound like too daunting of a task for you? Break it up into sections and work on small parts towards a larger goal. Schedule time to do this weekly/daily like you would schedule lunch with a friend or soccer practice for the kids. Clearing your space and getting rid of the old makes so much room for the new and it will feel amazing.



Windows are on your house or apartment for a reason! Open them and let some of that natural light and fresh air in. So many spaces are stagnant because nothing is flowing through them. We, as human beings, need sunlight, we need fresh air, we need to feel the world around us. Feel the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, go outside, or if weather doesn’t permit look out the window and take note of what’s around you. If your scenery does not permit, go find a park or somewhere that does and sit there for a while. Being in natural surroundings helps you think clearer.



Whether it be a positive mantra, or what you want to accomplish, you should live every day with purpose. And a positive mantra can be as simple as “today is my day!” or “today is an amazing day,” or “I attract all the right people in my life today.” It can be whatever you want, but it should be positive and it should be something you can take ownership of. Do this and don’t sweat the small stuff. Suddenly you will rise above daily nuances and things that used to throw you off track, and you will align yourself with a deeper goal and meaning of purpose.



You are what you eat! You are what you eat! Are you feeling sluggish after a meal? Are you experiencing health problems? What is your body trying to tell you? Investigate! Seek a first and second opinion. Ask questions. Do your own research first. Start adding more fruits and veggies to your diet. Start asking “how can I change my diet” before “what pill can you put me on?” You are responsible for your body. Own it. You are responsible for your health. Own that too! And start moving. Doesn’t matter if its a walk during your lunch break or a new workout routine with a trainer. Do what works for you, but every little bit helps.



You come home after a long day of work, you turn on the TV. You wake up in the morning, you turn on the TV. You have a few moments of free time at lunch, you catch up on an episode of one thing or another. Minutes, hours, days are going by. You are giving up precious moments of your life. And further more, you’re being overstimulated and drawn into a world that is not your own. As a result you’re not moving, you’re just sitting there. Turn it off. Turn it off and find a hobby. Turn it off and try something new. Turn it off and read a book, magazine, whatever. Just turn it off. Give your eyes a rest. Give your mind something better to do. Rebalance yourself and repurpose that time to something that can add years or quality to your life instead of taking both away.


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