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5 Must Have Apps for Your Business

on Oct 05, 2011 in Business

Technology is advancing right before our eyes! We’re extremely excited about what that means for our clients and fellow business owners. With smart phones and tablets fully immersed in main stream culture, there are a multitude of apps at your fingertips to make various parts of your business and personal life easier. We thought we’d sift through some of the clutter and provide our insight. So we’re presenting you with 5 must have apps for your business.

5.1Password: Do you use the same password (or some variation of it) every time you register at a new site because it would be impossible to remember them all if you didn’t? Here’s an app that will stop the cycle of choosing convenience over safety. You can manage all of your passwords (and other important data/information) conveniently and securely, and take them with you. The app locks your data behind a four-digit unlock code and a master password, both of which you configure (so even if your phone is stolen, your information is safe). COST: $14.99 (LEARN MORE HERE).

4.iXpenseIt: Tired of carrying a wallet full of receipts or tossing them into a shoebox at the end of the week? If you’re the kind of business person that travels for meetings or has them over coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks, keeping track of all of your expenses can be daunting. This app helps you take control of the situation. iXpenseIt simplifies daily expense tracking and budgeting so that you can record expenses from anywhere, anytime within seconds. Store photo receipts, and customize your business expenses with easy to understand reports. COST: $4.99 (LEARN MORE HERE).

3.ActionMethod: This app was created by Behance, an online portfolio site for creative professionals. You can capture tasks, collaborate, and get organized with this app, which syncs up with your computer, mobile and tablet device. ActionMethod is an intuitive task management application for individuals and teams. You can easily create action steps from anywhere, delegate tasks accordingly, track progress, manage deadlines, and organize your projects. It has a very simple interface and lets you view your tasks by project category or due date. COST: FREE FOR PHONE/ FREE TRAIL FOR DESKTOP (LEARN MORE HERE).

2.Evernote: Evernote lets you create notes, snap photos, and record voice memos that you can then access any time from your phone, computer, or the web. Their philosophy is you’re always moving (so true!) so your notes should be too. This app makes it easier to keep track of your notes (from meetings, to just taking a photo of something you like), makes your notes searchable, and allows you to share them with colleagues for cross collaboration. COST: FREE (LEARN MORE HERE).

1. Square: Square is an app that allows you to take credit card payments from clients on the go. It creates a professional receipt that is automatically emailed to your client. You can input their card information manually, or use the free credit card swiping device that connects through your headphones outlet on your phone. This app is especially beneficial for anyone doing on-the-spot transactions. The bottom line is many people don’t carry cash or checks anymore, but that shouldn’t stop you from completing your sell. COST: FREE (LEARN MORE HERE).

Of course there are several others out there that are also noteworthy. It would be more than worth your time to investigate what works best for you. The right app should be convenient, easy to use and implement, and make some part of your daily/weekly life easier. It’s easy to download multiple apps and never use them or let them clutter your mobile/tablet device. We recommend starting with the info we provided above, and then moving forward from there.



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