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on Nov 07, 2017 in Inspiration

5 Gratitude Gifts for Clients

Tis the season to be reflecting on all that has come with this year…. both the views from the tops of the mountains, and the climbing of those mountains too. At Points North, we’re really big into gratitude and showing appreciation towards those who help us grow. But, it’s also important for us to be mindful of what we send, that it reflects our values and what we stand for as a company. Seriously, Jess Watson won’t even give out Hershey candies to her friends’ kids for Halloween, instead they get little paper sacks with cool craft projects inside. Years from now, she’s expecting thank you notes from dentists everywhere.

So, if you’re looking to give with intention as a way of showing appreciation this holiday season, here are 5 companies that you should look into:



I’ve seen a lot of gift boxes out there, but many include items like sugared up sweets and fatty snacks from particular regions (I’m looking at you, NYC). Thanks but no thanks. Most people are not trying to take in anymore calories than they have to this holiday season. It’s hard enough saying no to seconds when some relative is practically spooning the stuffing onto your plate! So, how do you show appreciation for someone, while still keeping their wellness in mind? We recently fell in love with BOXFOX. They have tasteful pre-set boxes, but if you don’t see something to your liking, know that you can completely create your own and select each item that goes inside (what what?!? Genius).



Let’s say you know a little bit more about your recipient and can speak to the things that they’re into (tea, wine, sauces, etc). We found Thoughtfully and think you’ll see why we like them so much. They have preset boxes that match the personality of your recipient, each that include items that exude “that personal touch.” We used this recently to wish someone a happy birthday and they loved it.



Okay folks, you should know up front, we LOVE LOVE UrbanStems. This is not just because they partner in our quarterly community event, the Have A Nice Day Project, it’s because they are an all around good company. They are a local bicycle flower delivery service, working with local flower suppliers, and creating dynamic bouquets that make perfect gifts. Have you ever worked with one of those national flower chains (we won’t name names! #sideeye) and what your recipient received doesn’t look like the picture on the website? For local deliveries, UrbanStems sends you a photo of the bouquet before it’s a delivered, so you know the flowers are amazing. We use these sometimes to thank someone for a client referral or to surprise a client on their birthday (who doesn’t love fresh flowers?!).



Three words: SALTED CARAMEL LOLLIPOPS. Lollipops are not just for kids anymore. And Leccare Lollipops uses fresh, natural ingredients (no artificial colors or flavors). We stumbled upon this gem back in 2013 and they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. We send these out to our clients from time to time and they are always a big hit, so much so that many of our clients have ordered additional lollipops on their own. With fun flavors like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Raspberries Chocolate, and Sweet Marshmallow, there is no way you can go wrong with something that tastes so right. Leccare Lollipops is a small business in Georgia, and we love watching them grow.



Emily McDowell Studio is a company after our own heart. We love following Emily on Instagram because she says what we’re all thinking, but she does it in nice hand-lettered goodness. We’ve gotten tote bags and coffee mugs from here to give to clients as surprise gifts during busy season. Additionally, this year the studio launched a line of empathy cards that get real about tough situations that we face in life. When you don’t have the right words to say, Emily’s cards are incredibly human. We highly recommend getting lost in her store and stocking up on some goods for the holidays.


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