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3 Marketing Tips from the Film “Wild”

on Nov 14, 2014 in Business

I’ve recently been drawn to the film Wild, in the same way that I was drawn to the book by Cheryl Strayed months ago, except now there are stunning visuals and a back country soundtrack that transports you to the scene of where the journey started.

I am engaged but also observant as I watch the marketing for this film cleverly reel you in, wanting you to be a part of the experience of being out on that trail, working out the rough spots in your life, or embracing them all the more. In the midst of my observation, I began to work my way down to the basic foundation of marketing principles that the film’s campaign is built upon. There are several good cornerstones. Here are the 3 that resonated the most with lessons you could implement for your own business, whatever it may be.


1. Define Who You Are and Own It

So guess what, you are not for everyone. Just as this is true with people you date, those you call friends, and so on, it’s also true with your business. More often than not, we’re trying to please everybody. Which really means, you’re doing it wrong. The film Wild is not for everyone, but anyone looking at their website can easily identify their target market. (1) Women (2) Adventure seekers (3) Anyone who has ever been on or wants to go on a journey.

If someone were to look at your website, or your marketing materials, would they know who you were trying to reach? Would they be able to pick out your best qualities, similar to how a trusted friend could? Find ways to showcase the best assets of your business, as well as a little bit of your unique professional personality. That combination, equals authenticity and bliss.

2. Find Ways to Share

Social media has made it easy to share, well, everything. Studies show that on Facebook, a status update that includes something visual will get more likes, comments and recognition than a static text update.

In our growing visual world, pairing words and images is key. The marketing of the film Wild includes powerful quotes paired with breathtaking natural scenery. This alone is proof that they know their audience and how to capture their hearts. Moreso, a simple rollover allows you to easily share the image via social media. If your audience truly connects with your content, they will want to share it. But, a lot of sites aren’t equipped to make that easy. Adding features like rollover items that allow you to pin to Pinterest, and easy share-this options for noteworthy content, will up level your game.

3. Include Your Audience in Your Story

Your business, and your brand, are elements that operate best when connected to the right people. There are various email lists you can buy, or quick-follow techniques to secure an audience, but to genuinely connect with someone on a level where they will happily support your company of their own free will, well that’s something else all together.

How do you create an authentic brand ambassador? The marketing of the film Wild has a contest called #LifeIsWild, where it invites its audience to share their story socially. Participating enters you in to win a trip of a lifetime, along with a pair of authentic Dapper hiking boots, and a grab bag from REI. But equally important, is how that hashtag allows your story or photo to be featured on the movie website. Even more important, is an eager audience member now has easy access to connect with likeminded people, all while sharing a brand and mindset that resonates with them.

Note: The above image is a screenshot of the website for the film Wild.

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