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When the ethos of your agency centers around providing measurable results and value for every client, your website should tell that story. We were excited when Van Eperen chose us to redesign their website and lay down a strong foundation for SEO.

This agency is about creativity, people-first, and is driven by results. Their website should be too.

We believe every page on a website needs to have a purpose. Points North worked with Van Eperen to develop a website that reflects their brand story, is optimized for search, and provides a fluid user experience.

The website redesign both elevated their brand story and provided a streamlined experience that engages potential clients with relevant content.

SEO is a key long-term strategy for any business. We mobile-optimized the new site, created a goal-oriented site map, and determined a content hierarchy tailored to their target audiences.

The end result: A modern website that helps potential clients navigate to the content and next steps most relevant to them.

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