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JOTF is Eliminating Barriers for Low-Wage Workers

We unleashed a new visual identity for Job Opportunities Task Force (JOTF), which included an upleveled brand, expansive color palette, fully responsive website, and strategic communication pieces.

Curious about what it takes to get low-wage workers access to high-paying jobs? So are we.

The passion of the team at JOTF could be heard in their voices when we met with them to learn more about their story. Their website had several colors and was built with dated code. Our goal was to take the passion we saw when engaging with JOTF, and use that as a foundation for how they presented themselves to the world.

We also wanted to curate intentional touchpoints that their audience would have with the brand, whether they are signing up to learn more information or making a donation. The experience was important, from start to finish.

JOTF transforms obstacles into opportunities for Maryland’s workforce. Their mission is to develop and advocate policies and programs to increase the skills, job opportunities, and incomes of low-wage workers and job seekers in Maryland. Each day, JOTF works relentlessly to eliminate obstacles to meaningful, stable employment through investments in adult education and skills training, effective public policy reform, and cutting-edge research. By doing so, they are able to consistently help low-wage workers advance to high-paying jobs and create paths for workers from every possible background to thrive and prosper.

We wanted to give JOTF a well-rounded brand family, that included both digitally and creative pieces that helped to tell the story of their work. We believe that every detail matters, regardless of size, and that we should be intentional about that. So, it’s no surprise that upon meeting JOTF, we chose to weave their passion and drive for change into every creative element we produced. When any company or organization is undergoing a brand refresh, it’s important that the process feel like an evolution, that we are reaching back into their story, and using that as fuel to bring them into their future. For JOTF, we delivered a unified experience from multiple touchpoints that establishes a strong foundation for brand integrity and leaves a lasting impression.

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