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on Oct 18, 2017 in News

WordCamp Baltimore Take Away – You’re Not Just One Thing

In October, I had the pleasure of being selected as a speaker for WordCamp Baltimore. WordCamp Baltimore is an informal conference that brings together WordPress enthusiasts from around the Mid-atlantic for two days of education, edification, and community. Whether you’re a developer, a designer, a consultant, an agency, a blogger, or a publisher, WordCamp will take your WordPress skills and enthusiasm to the next level.

The title of my talk was “It’s Never Just A Website,” and during this presentation I dove into ways to better connect with our clients so we understand their story, their passion, their goals, and use that as a strong foundation to build their websites.

One of my first slides was an introduction to who I am as a person. And I put this up there just so that people could know more about me and my background, but ultimately what I listed was the many pieces that make up who I am, and they do not all overlap.

I am a passionate graphic designer, but I’m also a travel enthusiast, and I help plan really niche cutting edge technology events for Baltimore Women in Tech. And I also am a writer and am working on a travel memoir. And in my spare time I run the Have A Nice Day Project, our give back initiative, three years running, to Baltimore.

This isn’t a post for bragging. Moreso, it’s to say that you are not one thing and do not have to seek to be defined by one thing. Everything you do is an intricate piece of who you are, and all of that helps you with designing and web development and whatever else you do professionally. Don’t take for granted the different parts that make up your whole life. That’s where all the good stuff is.

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