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Jessica Watson, CEO/Creative Director of Points North Studio was recently featured in the Baltimore Business Journal in an article detailing how she got started with her business. The article was written by: Angie Basiouny, Contributor to the Baltimore Business Journal. The article detailed the story behindPoints North Studio.

“It was very excited to be interviewed for the Baltimore Business Journal,” says Watson, “it allowed me to go down memory lane and recall when I first made the decision to start my own business. I got to recall those feelings and the determination that came along with it.”

Watson was working at an in-house designer for Solo Cup Company (formerly in Owings Mills, MD) when almost two years ago to the date she left to start Points North Studio. “We’re a small graphic design studio located in Federal Hill. We work with clients on branding, as well as their presence online and in print. We work with clients who are committed to clearly communicating who they are and what they do. We tell their story.”

Instead of using outside funding or a loan to get started, Watson played it smart and and made a bulk of her equipment purchases while still being employed full time. “I recall just thinking to myself, what do I need to really make this happen? And I’d rather have my income from the new business go towards my living expenses than having to be put towards start up costs.”

Watson also recalls developing what she coins the Fab Five a few months before transitioning into owning her business. “I coined that term because at the time it was really popular to have the family & friends plan with your cell phone provider, 5 people you could call at anytime and the minutes wouldn’t eat into your normal plan. So I had 5 trusted advisers, ranging from a life coach to a friend with a good head on her shoulders. I just wanted to make sure what I wanted to do made sense to people other than me.”

The article, featured in the Baltimore Business Journal, hit the news stands on Friday, April 6th. If you are a subscriber, you can read the full article here: How I Got Started with Jessica Watson. And throughout this week, it will be available in news stands locally throughout Baltimore.

Jessica Watson was also recognized as one of Baltimore’s Finest 35 Under 35 (2011), and is the recipient of the Spirited Woman Rising Award (2011).

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