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on Aug 16, 2014 in News

Sweet Lips – Our Summer Mailer

Every quarter, we send mail to our active client list. This is from our summer mailer. Below you’ll find the article and the featured product that we think you’ll adore.

Sweet Lips!

I promise we’re not flirting with you. Okay maybe we are a little…

In April, I went to an event called THE EMPORIYUM that featured several different food, dessert and boutique vendors from Baltimore and beyond. While sampling delicious eats and drinks, I stumbled upon Waxing Kara, an experienced beekeeper who discovered the treasure and versatility of honey, then made it into a business. Her honey house can be found just outside Baltimore in Owings Mills, MD, featuring local honey, candles, beauty products, and more.

I was drawn to Waxing Kara’s booth because of the clever design and packaging. We honestly couldn’t have done it better ourselves. After talking with Kara and learning more about her passion for art and honey, I knew I was in love with her business. Although I wanted to purchase her entire stand, my wallet had other plans. So I settled upon the cleverly packaged Sweet Lips honey lip balm (a product I now carry with me everywhere I go).

This smooth lip balm glides on with a slight sweet honey finish. It’s largely organic and beautifully simple; rich with moisture and a hint of rosemary.

At JWatson Creative, we recognize quality, integrity and good design when we see it. We want you to share in our unique finds, whether it be from our hometown, or anywhere in the world. Have a wonderful summer.



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