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on Oct 10, 2014 in Travel

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Many of you know I had a hiking accident this summer that left me with a fracture, surgery, a weird metal rod, and a long road to recovery. I have no complaints. I have still been able to connect and have good times with friends despite the hand I was dealt, and I’ve got a handful of really funny stories to tell. I’m walking now but I’m a ways out from being my version of physically active and in shape.

But if I can walk, then I can fly…

I thought I would have to cancel this like so many other planned excursions this summer. Instead I’m moving forward, full speed ahead. On Saturday I leave for Paris, where I have rented a tiny flat and will live and work for 2 weeks. Since I can walk, I want to walk in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (….and eat crepes and croissants, of course).

Back when I first set out to start a business, back when JWatson Creative was a distant dream and a beautiful idea, I told one of my trusted advisers that I wanted to be different, I want owning a business to be liberating, I want to be able to work it from anywhere, like Paris!

So here we are, 4.5 years later, and finally, I’m headed to where I always hoped I would be. Bon voyage!

Mar 28, 2019

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