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on Mar 06, 2010 in Uncategorized

Illustrator Spotlight: Carol Rivello

Maybe its the swirls and small details of her work. Maybe its the washed colors and how they relate to the sketched elements surrounding them. Or perhaps it’s the various little elements you can find in her work. No matter what catches your eye, you are sure to linger on the illustration design of Carol Rivello.

Carol Rivello has a degree in Design, but she loves art direction and illustration as well. She has worked in Brazil and Italy, creating for clients such as SPFW, Ferrè, Rolex, Yakult and Mitsubishi Motors. Now I live in Florianópolis, a pretty island in the south of Brazil, and just started to work as a freelancer. Pigs, internet, music, movies, traveling and ice cream are her passions.

We think her work is fabulous! Click on her name above to go directly to her website. And also take a gander at some more of her work, which we have featured below.

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