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on Jan 12, 2017 in Business

Finding Your Why

At some point in your business, or if you’re lucky…. at several points in your business, you’re going to come upon a crossroads where you have to ask yourself “okay seriously, why am I doing this?”

And this is because you’ve gotten some experience under your belt, maybe you’ve had to or will have to make some adjustments with your business, or flip the script and get out of the game all together. Owning or running a business of any size is not for everyone. It’s hard to do. It often requires long nights, a mind that is constantly running, tough decisions, and situations that nobody prepared you for because experience really is the best teacher.

Some days will be amazing; other days will hurt. That’s the facts of life. So in those days when it does hurt, and perhaps also as a moment of reflection during the amazing days too, you should think about your why.

Why are you doing this?

Making money is great, but that can’t be the only reason.┬áThat can’t be why you’re staying up at night. Maybe making money to support a lifestyle for you and your family, or to give back to your community holds a little more depth.

The most common answer to this why question amongst business professionals is to help people. You have a product or service that helps to alleviate something or to make something better.

And once you get down to the notion that your business is helping, you can start to refine and tweak and find ways to make your business do that better. We are living and breathing beings, and so are the companies and organizations we create. They must grow and adapt to better meet the need, and to better help those that we have dedicated our time to help.

So seriously, take some time to think about it. What’s your why?

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