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on Jan 06, 2010 in Uncategorized

Portfolio Spotlight: Destiny Homes

Destiny Homes 4 You, a Maryland based real estate company, approached us while on a mission to find a logo that emphasized their passion for helping their clients find the home that was just right for them, a perfect fit, so to speak. With a name like “Destiny Homes…” how could we not create an amazing visual. Their homes are your destiny! We developed a logo that graphically verbalized “you have arrived,” and also gave a sense of belonging. Our client was very pleased with our work and eager to use the new logo on their company printed materials. For more examples of our design work, visit our portfolio.

Added bonus: We decided to have some fun with this and execute how this logo would carry over into a business card design. Here’s what we came up with below. What do you think?

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