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on May 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Design That Works: Vitamin ID

We recently came across this Vitamin ID site and thought it was fantastic. As the site came up on our screen we instantly fell in love with the human connection it made. Here’s our expert opinion on why this design works:

  • The Human Factor – you instantly connect with the gentleman being featured on their site. You kind of want to learn more about his story and what they’re advertising.
  • Flow of Information – after that connection is made, your eyes flow down to “build a pack” and “take the survey,” which are the two call to action items for the site.
  • Natural Color Palette – reinforces the brand and the product, which is advertised as all natural. The colors definitely give the site and the company an organic feel, and that kind of feel leads to thoughts of caring and responsibility on behalf of the company.
  • Clean and Easy to Navigate – this site is very clean and straight forward. It’s a natural site without the use of organic textures (such as soil, hemp, canvas, etc). Because of its well organized design, its very easy to find the information you’re looking for.

Constructional Feedback: We’d love to see the same color palette and natural feel carry over into the online store and the blog components.

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