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on May 13, 2019 in News

Client Spotlight: Plastic Solutions Fund

When most people contemplate the world’s single use plastic problem, the think of polluted oceans and photos of the problem (litter on beaches and in parks). With this brand and website, we wanted to surprise their target audience by shifting the focus to the solution. This involved rethinking their brand colors and how they tell their story. Coupled with a clean user experience, and dynamic scenic photography, we recently launched the new Plastic Solutions Fund website. Dare to imagine a different future.

More on Plastic Solutions Fund

Around the world, something incredible is happening — together, people are sparking a revolution in the way we live and thrive on this planet. Plastic Solutions Fund is building a world in which only truly necessary and non-toxic plastics are produced, and even those are re-used, repaired, or recycled.

“We believe that when enough people believe change is possible, change becomes possible,” says Plastic Solutions Fund. “We work to transform the systems that drive our increasing production and consumption of plastic, not just the systems used to manage its disposal. We believe in community, and the power of unusual allies with multiple goals and divergent tactics working together to solve a common problem. We believe that cooperation, generosity, and trust are essential to building the strong and diverse global movement essential to drive the transformation.”

The Work They’re Funding

Their fund supports a diverse constellation of incredible people who are working to re-imagine and reshape the future. They are especially inspired by initiatives that catalyze change as close to the source of the plastic problem as possible, and by radically collaborative projects that contribute to the strength of the exhilarating, multi-organizational movement that is currently sweeping the globe.

Check them out online: https://plasticsolution.org

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