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on Oct 27, 2014 in Travel

Because Autumn…

It started because it was a clear autumn day, with crisp air and changing leaves. I had just finished volunteering in the morning with the Baltimore Rowing Club. Maybe I still had my Paris fairy dust all over me, or my traveler’s glow was hanging on for a little while longer. I just knew it was too gorgeous a day to retreat back indoors.

So I decided to drive. I searched my GPS on my phone for scenic drives in Maryland. I came upon the town of Frederick, (which for whatever random reason appealed to me more than venturing into PA or VA). So I drove, and the windows were cracked and the wind was blowing. I was surrounded in a sea of fall foliage to the point of being delightfully devoured, the breeze sending leaves dancing feverishly in between the cars on the road. Hues of reds, oranges, and golden yellows encompassed me. It was experiencing a natural high.

I arrived and parked, with no overarching goal than to wander aimlessly through shops that caught my eye and anything else that appealed to me. On my walk down Market Street, I overheard two ladies joking behind me, having such a good time. Not sure why, but I decided to turn around and strike a friendly conversation, which led to an invitation to walk with them, since we were all daytripping and enjoying the sunny afternoon.

This was then followed by all kinds of shenanigans and good laughs, as we meandered through stores and enjoyed authentic Cuban food and conversation. Not to mention, it was trick-or-treat day for all the stores, so little ones in costume fluttered from door to door in search of sweet treats for the holiday.Upon reflection, I gather that perhaps my hunch to reach out came from something I felt, an energy or spark of intuition.We have coined our crossing “Chance Encounters,” people brought together by good reasons that reveal themselves in conversation and time. My new friends, are both worldly spirited, full of good laughs, and live in the moment.I couldn’t ask for a better day or more awesome people to bump into.

Shops visited –

  • Sabor de Cuba Restaurant –  delicious lunch, authentic food, great service, local hang out spot
  • Treaty General Store – just opened 3 weeks prior, well made and well designed awesomeness
  • Retro Metro – so full of goodness, I could’ve easily spent the entire contents of my wallet without thinking twice


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