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on Jan 12, 2024 in Business

A Day in the Life of a Project Manager at Points North

Meet Kendra

I am Kendra Neely, the Project Manager here at Points North. I am a busybody social butterfly with a passion for people art and storytelling.

My background is public relations and marketing and I have spent the good majority of my adult life using my natural organizational skills to help breathe life into some pretty amazing brands and projects. I am a mother and a wife who enjoys painting, self-care, and sporting events in my spare time. My days are long and busy, but I am so grateful for everything!


Spoiler alert – I’m an early riser.

I am up early! Early days for me include prayer and meditation. Reading my bible first thing in the morning helps me set the tone for my day. I NEED my 20-30 minutes of alone time before my family wakes up. Right before my family wakes up, I try to get a 20-minute workout or yoga session in. After that, it’s time to make my family breakfast and start getting ready for the day. Once the kiddo is at school, I start setting up my office for the day (with my friends Kelly and Mark in the background) I make a cup of coffee and start checking emails and writing my notes or to-dos for the day.

Weekly Routine

Monday through Friday I am typically working between 9 and 5 I like to get in before we start officially taking meetings during the day. Mondays are less meeting-heavy and more auditing and planning for the week and making note of what needs to get accomplished before the end of the week.


Some meetings I have currently are daily standups for certain projects. Biweekly check-ins happen with our clients to ensure alignment, strategy meetings take place quarterly to help our clients plan for the weeks and months ahead.

Breaking for Lunch

Lunch is always an adventure.

I keep salad ingredients on hand at all times, but I live near a Chick-fil-A and let’s just say they know me my first name.

Afternoon & Wrap Up

I try to do a little self-care before I start to prep for my kiddo to come home from school, Either planning his snack, prepping his homework or getting ready for his practices. I like to take some downtime after lunch and audit what I’ve gotten done so far and what the priorities are for the remainder of the day.

Making a to-do list for the next day is really important for my role. I go through what happened during the day, who needs to be followed up with the next day or in a few days.

Throughout the day, I practice mindfulness by…

I take breaks! Moving my body is essential to me being my best during the day.

Getting outside in between emails and meetings is critical to me doing my best at work. I also make sure to stay hydrated and keep things light as much as possible. I love to laugh and send my friends or coworkers funny memes throughout the day.

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