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on Apr 05, 2024 in Business

A Day in the Life of a Marketing Manager at Points North

Meet Naomi

My name is Naomi, and I work with Points North as a Marketing Manager. I’m originally from Washington, DC, and went to school in Baltimore at Towson University. After college, I moved to NY, and have worked with a lot of health, wellness, and fitness startups. I started working at Points North to flex a different brain muscle, and really liked that I got to meet a variety of clients, and also express myself creatively through writing and content creation.

I’ve been on the team almost two years now, and no day is ever the same (although some meetings do anchor the week).



I wake up pretty early, 5:45am! First I get my oldest dressed and ready for school. After she gets on the bus, I make a cup of coffee for myself and either start checking emails or try to read a few pages of a good book. Around 7am, I’ll hear my youngest stirring, and then I’ll get her ready to go to daycare. After I drop her off, I usually exercise and get showered and ready for the day.

Once I settle into my office, I spend time getting caught up, looking at my calendar for the day, and making note of tasks that need to be completed. I try to set up a general idea of what I’d like to have completed at the end of the day.


Weekly Routine

I have some meetings and tasks that need to happen each week, but the rest is based on client needs or what else is going on at Points North. We always start our Mondays with a team meeting, and it really helps us set our intentions for the week as a group. We get to understand the status of all projects, and we can also talk about road-blockers and how to get through them. The call is light-hearted and does a perfect job of aligning us all.

Other weekly tasks for me are creating social media content, writing my next blog article, and contributing where my teammates need support.



Our weekly Monday team meeting is non-negotiable, and it’s fun when we all get together. I also have a few bi-weekly client meetings, which is a good way to just keep tabs on projects and initiatives, and what’s on the roadmap.

Sometimes a meeting will get thrown on the calendar if we need to brainstorm a new project or put our heads together to get a deliverable out the door on time.

Lunch Break

I’m really into recreating recipes from Instagram at the moment, which I guess is like the modern-day cookbook. I’m surprised at how good some of the recipes are! My favorite go-to when I’m not in the mood to cook is a veggie gyro from the Greek restaurant in my neighborhood, and of course, I add a sizable amount of Frank’s hot sauce.

Afternoon & Wrap Up

I like to keep the afternoons quiet, and try to deep focus on any task that needs uninterrupted attention. Mentally, I’m winding down, so I don’t always like to be in long meetings, because I have to be “on”. Around 2:40pm, I’ll go meet my oldest daughter at the bus stop.
Once we get home and have snacked and caught up, she’ll start on her homework and I’ll go back to my office to bang out a few more tasks on my list. I don’t always like to take meetings at this point in the day, because she loves to be a part of them LOL.
Around 4:30pm, I’m winding everything down and replying to emails and Basecamp messages. I’ll head out with my oldest daughter to go pick up my youngest at daycare. Traffic gets congested closer to rush hour, so I try to get her before 5pm.

Throughout the day, I practice mindfulness by…

I try to hold space for movement, or reading, or even playing my guitar for 15 minutes. I acknowledge things and feelings as they arise, and sit with thoughts if I need to. Recognizing that I’m still me, even when I’m at work, allows me to be present.
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