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on Feb 13, 2014 in News

28 Days of Kindness Goes Global

[by Jessica Watson] Who knew that one night of not being able to get to sleep due to a restless mind would lead to an idea that would connect Baltimore to people all over the world?

Late one night, I couldn’t sleep as my mind was plagued with current events and just an eerie understanding that as human beings we all go through things, having our own struggles and mountains to climb. In that late night moment of tossing and turning, I suddenly got the idea that we all need to be kinder to each other. Instead of sleeping on it, I whipped out my laptop and 28 Days of Kindness was born.

28 Days of Kindness is a global initiative, challenging people to do intentional acts of kindness throughout the month of February. The event takes place virtually online through Facebook, and participants are encourage to post their acts of kindness as well as inspirational quotes and stories to help inspire others.

As soon as it was set up, the event went viral, attracting 100 new participants daily leading up to the 1st of February. Some people were so excited they started early. And what’s most amazing, is that there are active participants all over the country (Atlanta, Miami, Boulder, Long Beach and Portland just to name a few) and there are also participants all over the world (Canada, Australia, Kenya and the UK to name a few).

It’s incredibly inspiring to read the stories of what people are doing, and to have open dialogue on the topic of kindness, which is one that tends to go silent in the public eye.

The project picked up sponsorship from The Giving Spirits Foundation, along with an article in MyCity4Her.com, and a 2nd page feature in the Baltimore Sun.

It’s never too late to get started, so if you feel like joining in, sign up for the event here.

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