Points North
on Oct 05, 2011 in News

Portfolio Spotlight: Chesapeake Bay Painting Co.

This is one of the projects that design firms fancy. Where we get to strip away the template/clip art designs from before and start with a blank slate. Chesapeake Bay Painting Company is a residential/commercial painting company that was in need of a brand and unifying look for their business.

In researching the industry, we were confident that we could give them a competitive edge by creating an identity that was very clean, professional, and fun. We used a nautical color palette and lightly suggested a water theme without going overboard (like by using a ship steering wheel, or obvious water elements). The clever, simplistic nature of the design is what sets this company apart from their competition. The natural flow of information on the business card is easy to read, and encourages the customer to contact them or log on to their website for additional information.

See our full portfolio here.



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