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Portfolio Spotlight: Baltimore Design Conference

on Jan 06, 2012 in News

It’s back! A Day in the Life Baltimore Design Conference is back for round 2, to be held on Saturday, April 9, 2011 at MICA Brown Center. One of the challenges with branding an event is keeping the designs fresh and new, while still enforcing brand integrity and repetitive elements for audience recognition. We accomplished this by keeping the earthy color palette (the primary colors of the palette are orange, green and brown, then we adjusted the accent colors from last year slightly to achieve this updated look). Additionally, we presented the branded icons in a new way. The signature bicycle with swirls makes its way through several of the design pieces for this event.

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Save the Date Cards: (featured above) bring further verification to the term “hip to be a square.”

Website: Featured below is the 2011 website. We kept the signature bicycle and the icons from the year before, as we consider this to be forever part of the Baltimore Design Conference brand.order cialis But we rearranged them to make the site appear new and revitalized for 2011.

Twitter: We took elements from the website, along with the Baltimore Design Conference color palette, to create a branded look for their twitter account.

Print Ad: They ran this advertisement in Urbanite Magazine.

Color Palette: Here is the official color palette for the 2011 conference.

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