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Photography Spotlight: Rachel Goodwin

Rachel has been a freelance photographer since 2006, specializing in documentary photography.  She also has a body of work in shooting model portfolios and celebrations/events, which she offers freelance services for commercially and for individual clients.  Her work has been featured in a number of publications, websites, and in both domestic and international art exhibits.

Her photographic philosophy is in the story: without it, the photo lacks its message – the most essential element in any piece of expressive art.  As a result, she seeks to have each one of her photos silently say something about her subject.

Rachel’s interests are varied, ranging from photography (of course), to criminological theory and salsa dancing.  She is a native Baltimorean transplant to the west coast, where she currently lives with her husband Romeo and two Boo Boo Babies (dogs) Lucy and Sooki.

Website: www.rachelgoodwinphoto.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/rachelgoodwinphoto
Email: photographer@rachelgoodwinphoto.com

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