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on Jan 04, 2011 in Uncategorized

Design That Works: Oak Street Bootmakers

Stop the presses! I think we are in love. This is a beautiful example of where clean, simple, classic style is paired with dynamic product imagery to really bring out the personality and style of the company as well as the product. It’s straight to the point. The antique white background gives the impression of history, while the extreme close ups of the boots echoes modern times. These boots were made for walking, and standing, and looking good.

The Oak Street Bootmakers site simply rotates high quality images of their products on their home page. Although different products and scenes are featured in each photo, the pose of the boots remain consistent throughout the set. The texture and detail of the boots are really accented by the natural color palette, and the rustic nature of the website design.

When you go to their website, your attention is immediately drawn to their product line, and this is on purpose. Further browsing will show you a variety of very clean, professional product images contrasting against the natural background and mix of serif/sans serif typography. C’est magnifique!

You can visit Oak Street Bootmakers website to witness the design in all its glory.

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