Points North
on Jun 13, 2011 in Inspiration

Floating Away with Photographer Dimitri Markine

In our recent search of all things creative we stumbled upon this photo that immediately played to the fantasy of floating or being carried away. Almost like Mary Poppins but in a more romantic way. Upon further research, we discovered this photo was by Dimitri Markine (blog: http://www.blog.dmitrimarkine.com/) and we became fascinated with the fantasy and comedic elements he incorporates in some of his photos. A couple more are featured below.

Dimitri was first exposed to using a camera when he was only 7 years old. At that age you could often find him playing with his grandfather’s film cameras. In his dynamoc work he mixes his popular photojournalistic style with a twist of traditional and fine art approach, greatly inspired by fashion. Also check out his photos from India, they are breathtaking.




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