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on Oct 04, 2010 in Uncategorized

Design That Works: Bohemia

Bohemia is a UK based boutique dedicated to discovering beautiful, unique & unusual products and bringing these items to a wider audience. They recently had their website redesigned and it looks fabulous! They also have a blog, Bohemia Life, which details and follows various creative trends in fashion and design. We stumbled upon their website and fell in love.

Here Are The Reasons Why This Design Works:

  • Complimentary Colors: Orange and blue are complimentary colors on the color wheel, which according to theory, they always look good together. Bohemia has chosen a very cool, light blue and paired it with a bold orange. The colors truly do compliment each other. And the cooler blue also has an icy appeal to it.
  • Easy to Navigate: The main banner with the pictures fading in and out calls your attention to special products. That’s sure to attract attention. But also, check out the navigation to the upper right above the banner. Super easy to scroll over and the drop down menus really give you the option to be super selective in what you are looking for.
  • Little Elements Makes It Fun: We creatives like to add little complimentary elements that make the design flow better, all while being aesthetically√ā¬†pleasing to the eye. Note the fading paisley print in the back, and the light stitching on the top and bottom edges of the blue box that lays upon the fading images in the main banner. Brilliant!

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