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Color Scheme: Wondaree Macadamias

We LOVE this color scheme!

Information about the design:

“Wondaree Macadamias is a family owned and run macadamia farm in North Queensland.

This project was done to recreate their product’s image in order to demonstrate their organic and personalised ethos whilst embodying an idiosyncratic aesthetic that was accessible to the blind.

This was achieved by using design features such as brail embossed wooden pegs – a stalwart of Queensland culture – and bold block coloured packaging, strident and recognizable.”

Designed by Ashlea O’Neill a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane, Australia. Photos came from The Dieline package design website.

Color codes:

  • Mango :: Pantone 7409 Coated, C=3|M=30|Y=100|K=0
  • Khaki :: Pantone 5783 Coated, C=36|M=23|Y=52|K=1
  • Coral :: Pantone 7416 Coated, C=5|M=74|Y=75|K=0
  • Yellow :: Pantone 7404 Coated, C=5|M=14|Y=99|K=0
  • Green :: Pantone 618 Coated, C=39|M=24|Y=100|K=2
  • Brown :: Pantone 476 Coated, C=49|M=70|Y=73|K=60
  • Orange :: Pantone 715 Coated, C=0|M=47|Y=84|K=0

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